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Navbow Red 1
Navbow Red 1

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Navbow Red 2

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Navbow Pic 4

Navbow Red 1
Navbow Red 1


Navbow Underwater Scooter - Explore Infinity

Navbow, the most powerful underwater scooter, is coming! 3 speeds up to 2m/s, 40m depth, max 60 mins battery life, and extendable to underwater photography platform. It's also the world's first dual-motor underwater scooter that supports one-handed operation, giving you the maximum flexibility in the water.

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2m/s (4.47 mph) max speed

Top speed 2m/s (4.47 mph): Move as fast as the Men's 200m World Freestyle Champion.

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1*Underwater Scooter            1*Charger Stand             

1*Adapter & Wire                     1*Lithium Battery    

1*Tow Rope                               1*Balance Weight Bracket with lead weight(3)

1*D-ring Buckle                         1* Anti-lost strap       

3* User manual  


* The rated speed is the result of product test results and may be affected by a user, user's swimwear and equipment, water conditions, etc.

* The battery life is for reference and based on product test data. It is the average value of normal use in water.

* The scooter is designed for users 16+ years old. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using the scooter.