Turkey's first inflatable rubber boats, have been producing under JOKER BOAT, ORCA and WIND brands in our boatyard placed in İzmir city as both rigid and foldable hulls with wide range of models since 1987.


Our shipyard which has a high production rate, meets domestic needs after all the products are being exported to European countries. Our main fabric for making inflated structures is a basicly three basic layered as a Neopren layer inside, CSM (Hypalon) layer outside and a high tenacity cloth between them with a good fire resistance. All wood (marine plywood) structures are coated with polyester based varnish or epoxy based paint for the best sea water resistance.


Depending on the needs, our GRP based single or double skinned rigid hulls have been producing with various types of fibers such as e-glass and aramid and resins such as polyester, vinylester and epoxy.


Our JOKER, ORCA and WIND branded inflatable rubber boat designs cover excursions, sports, professional use, heavy-duty and military-purposes.If your boat needs repair and maintenance services, we can set it up immediately.All of our products against any manufacturing defects and workmanship is guaranteed.


In Turkey, an extensive network of dealers and service of our company are available.

Shorter than 5 Meters

Between 5 - 7 Meters

Longer than 7 Meters

For Military Use